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Home Sick

Released - 2007
Genre - Horror
Director - Adam Wingard
Starring - Bill Moseley, Lindley Evans, Tiffany Shepis, Forrest Pitts, Tom Towles, Will Akers, Matt Lero

This is a crazy and surreal take on the slasher genre about a group of friends having a get together which is crashed by the mysterious Mr Suitcase, an insane bloke with a suitcase full of razor blades who demands they name people they hate. He somehow arranges for a supernatural killer to hunt down the named which makes it irritating that the host of the party jokingly named all his guests. This is unsettling stuff which is disjointed at times but very well shot and featuring some seriously nasty gory deaths. The friends eventually run off to a redneck militia nut for help but things don't go according to plan and there's no escape from the bloody insanity.

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Gore - nasty, graphic splatter gore which will make you squirm

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