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Psychological Horror Film Heartless poster


Released - 2009
Genre - Horror, Drama
Director - Philip Ridley
Starring - Jim Sturgess, Noel Clarke, Clemence Poesy, Joseph Mawle, Timothy Spall

Poor Jamie is a young wannabe photographer who feels hampered by a huge heart-shaped birth mark on his face. He lives in an increasingly rough East London and comes to believe that there are demons roaming the streets. An idea that takes a firmer hold after his mother is brutally murdered. He strikes a deal with a satanic figure called Papa B, agreeing to spread some wickedness in return for the removal of his birth mark. Things soon spiral out of control and various plot threads are tied together or forgotten as the film hits a messy and depressing climax. The atmosphere of a grimy London of urban thuggery is well realised and there are some clever ideas in here. It doesn't all work perfectly, but it's still a quality psychological horror thriller.

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