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Supernatural Horror Film Grim Prairie Tales poster

Grim Prairie Tales

Released - 1990
Genre - Horror, Western
Director - Wayne Coe
Starring - James Earl Jones, Brad Dourif, Scott Paulin, Jennifer Barlow, Marc McClure, William Atherton, Lisa Eichhorn

This film is split into short horror tales most of which are fairly unmemorable. However the set up is really nice as two travellers in the Wild West spend an uneasy night around the camp fire trying to scare each other. It works because the travellers are played by Brad Dourif and James Earl Jones and once they establish that neither is about to murder the other they set about a duel of storytelling. There are four short stories in all, each set in the Wild West, and the quality ranges from creepy to fairly dull. The two storytellers are excellent together and the problem with the film is that their discourse is much more interesting and engaging than any of their stories are. This is fun, gentle horror which won't be causing you any sleepless nights.

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