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Supernatural Horror Film Green Eyed Monster poster

Green Eyed Monster

Released - 2007
Genre - Horror, Mystery
Director - Gabriel Barboza
Starring - Michael Lee Arnold, Andrea VanEpps, Estella Gomez, Nicholas Barton, Kwame Okeene, Akron Watson

This starts confusingly with some police at a shack and several shootings. Fast forward a few years and a group of friends are visiting the shack to search for buried money. They argue incessantly, none of them seem to like each other and when they find the cash things get even worse. The money and one of the guys disappear over night, there are strange sounds in the trees outside and the hysterical girl starts babbling about witches. This is low budget film making and it shows, the acting is very amateurish, the pace is slow and nothing much really happens. There are a couple of well executed scares but the vague plot doesn’t deliver and overall it makes for boring viewing. As a gimmicky enticement to watch the movie there are supposedly clues to the whereabouts of a $10,000 prize, they should have spent the money on making the film better.

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