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Graves End poster

Graves End

Released - 2005
Genre - Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Director - James Marlowe
Starring - Eric Roberts, Steven Williams, Daniel Roebuck, Valerie Mikita, Fairly Tull

Graves End is a mysterious small town presided over by macho financier Tag Graves (Roberts). The townsfolk invite nasty criminals to settle there when they are released from prison but they soon disappear. Turns out Graves' son was kidnapped and murdered a few years before. FBI agent Rickman turns up to investigate and we soon discover that he has a history with Graves. This is hilariously bad with plenty of corny acting and a made for TV sheen, in short a typical Eric Roberts movie. The premise is great and there's a light smattering of gore. If you like your camp b-movies then this will entertain but it is terrible.

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