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Vampire Horror Film From Dusk Till Dawn 2 poster

From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money

Released - 1999
Genre - Horror, Comedy, Action
Director - Scott Spiegel
Starring - Robert Patrick, Bruce Campbell, Duane Whitaker, Bo Campbell, Muse Watson, Brett Harrelson, Raymond Cruz, Danny Trejo

This is a straight to DVD release which was never going to compete with the brilliance of the original however it retains the same spirit of gory fun and makes for an enjoyable blast of daft entertainment. A gang of vampires rob a bank and battle the police in Mexico. The script isn't great and the plot is completely daft but the film is going for frenetic action and comedy which it mostly achieves. The pace never lets up and coming in at under an hour and a half it never outstays it's welcome. If you are looking for real horror then you won't find it here but if you want a bit of mindless cheesy entertainment and you like “bad” movies then you could do a lot worse.

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Gore - plenty of cheap gore and silly special effects

Vampires - normal looking until they vamp out and become fearsome demonic psychos, these vamps can also turn into bats which they do a little too often in this flick

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