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Freaks poster


Released - 1932
Genre - Horror, Drama
Director - Tod Browning
Starring - Wallace Ford, Leila Hyams, Olga Baclanova, Henry Victor, Harry Earles, Daisy Earles, Roscoe Ates

The 1932 film Freaks caused an uproar on release and seriously damaged director Tod Browning's career. The plot concerns a travelling circus and specifically a trapeze artist called Cleopatra who dupes the rich midget Hans into marrying her, all the while carrying on an affair with Hercules the strong man and plotting to kill Hans and get his money. When the freaks find out one of their own is being mistreated in this way they exact a terrible revenge. Freaks is ultimately a poignant tale, a skilfully made film with an incredible finale. Browning's intention was not to dehumanise the freaks but quite the opposite and it was this intent that saw him lambasted and the film banned by a society with very different values back in the 30's.

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