Eat Horror
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Released - 2001
Genre - Horror, Crime, Drama
Director - Bill Paxton
Starring - Bill Paxton, Matthew McConaughey, Powers Boothe, Matt O' Leary, Jeremy Sumpter

This is a chilling thriller and it's also Bill Paxton's directorial debut. The film is played out in a series of flashbacks as a man recounts his childhood to an FBI agent. His father (Paxton) seems like a lovely guy struggling to deal with the death of his wife. Unfortunately he seems to come unhinged when he informs his sons one night that God spoke to him and he has been chosen to hunt and destroy demons. The "demons" appear to be random people and while one son is quick to jump onboard the other fears his father has lost his sanity. A good cast, original storyline and tight direction make this an entertaining flick.

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