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Flu Bird Horror

Released - 2008
Genre - Horror
Director - Leigh Scott
Starring - Sarah Butler, Brent Lydic, Bill Posley, Claire Carey, Lance Geust

Made for television movie about a flock of pterodactyl looking birds who start attacking people and infecting them with bird flu. A young offenders camp is set upon and the teens battle for survival while the local ranger and doctor try to find them. The evil government also turn up and quarantine the hospital and eventually try to blow up the entire forest with white phosphorous. The plot is a ridiculous mess, the acting and script are dodgy, the birds are a mixture of ropy CG and bad rubber outfits and the meagre gore and blood effects look cheap. At one point in the film the slutty teen character says “This is bad, this is really bad.” I have to agree.

Monster - flu infected birds that look like small pterodactyls, mixture of CG and rubber

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