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Released - 2006
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Andrew Currie
Starring - Billy Connolly, Carrie-Anne Moss, Dylan Baker, David Kaye

This is a seriously bizarre film set in an imaginary 50's America where zombies are common place and an accepted part of society kept as servants or pets. Billy Connolly plays a pet zombie owned by the Robinson family but he seems to have more personality than he should. He eats their next door neighbour and then embarks on a weird romance with the lady of the house. Needless to say this is played for laughs and obviously trying to strike a satirical tone but despite a decent cast which also includes Carrie-Anne Moss and Tim Blake Nelson the laughs are few and far between. It keeps your attention in a car crash kind of way just because it is unbelievably awful.

Gore - there is a little violent action but it's not dwelt on

Zombies - these zombies are slow and moaning but they also work as house servants and mostly keep their flesh eating urges under control

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