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Monster Horror Film Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds poster

Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds

Released - 2008
Genre - Horror, Comedy, Action
Director - John Gulager
Starring - Jenny Wade, Clu Gulager, Diane Goldner, Martin Klebba, Hanna Putnam

This is chaotic rubbish which follows on roughly from the end of the first movie. This time around we get a gang of cowardly female bikers, two wrestling midgets, a cheesy used car salesman, a drug addled dealer and a couple of the characters who survived the first movie. They are all introduced with the same irritating freeze frame text and talk direct to camera effect which seemed a bit different in the original film but wears thin really quickly here. There is no plot and no character development just lots of frenetic fast cuts which try desperately to be stylish, badly scripted lines and crude revolting humour. The monsters pop up on cue as the hapless crew of overly bizarre characters run around like headless chickens and all sorts of attempted humour falls flat. This is pure style over substance and it induced a faint feeling of nausea and a headache.

Monster - muscular humanoid monsters with big sharp teeth

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