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Slasher Horror Film Exquisite Tenderness poster

Exquisite Tenderness

Released - 1995
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Carl Schenkel
Starring - Isabel Glasser, James Remar, Sean Haberle, Malcolm McDowell, Charles Dance

Charles Dance and Malcolm McDowell in a hospital based slasher/thriller was enough to get me interested in this one. Ideally one of them would have been the killer. In fact my ideal movie would have featured them both as stone cold serial killers in an epic, bloody face off. Sadly McDowell doesn't last long as a red herring and Dance is the dull and incidental hospital administrator (despite the fact they are the names on the cover). The film mostly stars uppity Dr McCann (Isabel Glasser) and her sidekick Dr Hendricks (Remar) as they bumble around being outwitted by a killer who is regenerating himself using pituitary fluid. Along with the idiot cops they conspire to let him kill loads of innocent patients because they are mind numbingly inept. It feels like a typical eighties thriller but there are laughs to be had if you pick it apart while you watch.

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