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Zombie Horror Film Evilution poster


Released - 2008
Genre - Horror
Director - Chris Conlee
Starring - Eric Peter-Kaiser, Sandra Ramirez, Tim Colceri, Nathan Bexton, Billy Morrison, Noel Gugliemi, James Duval, Guillermo Diaz

Billed as a Zombie flick this pieced together horror draws inspiration from various classic films including Re-Animator, 28 Days Later and Day of the Dead (sadly not the original but the 2008 remake). A strange alien infection resurrects the dead and a scientist goes on the run from the military and tries to spread it with predictably disastrous results. The script is far from great, the pacing and plot are awkward and the budget is obviously low. On the other hand the direction is competent, there are some reasonable acting performances and Evilution does have some entertainment value.

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Gore - disappointing lack of real gore just a lot of blood splatter

Zombies - fast moving, unconvincingly rabid, acrobatic zombies who are actually infected by some alien bacteria

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