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Supernatural Horror Film Evil Toons poster

Evil Toons

Released - 1992
Genre - Horror, Comedy, Fantasy
Director - Fred Olen Ray
Starring - David Carradine, Arte Johnson, Dick Miller, Monique Gabrielle

This is a silly comedy horror about a group of teen girls hired to clean a creepy house who end up getting into trouble with demonic forces. When a weird old man, played by David Carradine in a career low, turns up at the house and hands them an old book they read the Latin incantation and release a demon in cartoon form. The demon can possess people and it starts to kill them off. There's loads of nudity with each of the girls popping their boobs out at every availability but their acting is mind-numbingly bad. The film doesn't take itself seriously and is clearly meant to be a comedy but the only laughs it raises are at how bad the production is.

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