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Monster Horror Film Dying God poster

Dying God

Released - 2008
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Fabrice Lambot
Starring - Lance Henriksen, James Horan, Misty Mundae, Louis Ballester

Dying God is a lacklustre horror about a legendary monster who rapes women to death in a desperate attempt to procreate. Burnt out cop Sean Fallon starts to investigate when a bunch of prostitutes turn up dead. He gets involved with some gangsters and ends up chasing the monster responsible with a wheelchair bound Lance Henriksen in tow. This is poorly acted and fairly dull, there's some unpleasant gore and plenty of nakedness but the monster turns out to be a guy in a rubber suit and the special effects are pretty terrible. The disjointed story plods along very slowly and there's nothing to hold your interest.

Monster - cheap alien looking monster with a giant penis

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