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Released - 2007
Genre - Horror
Director - Michael Su
Starring - Mary Christina Brown, Steve Cryen, Sara Diaz, Desmond Faison, Aaron Gaffey

This is an extremely cheap and daft movie about a group of criminals who are dumped on a zombie infested island and forced to compete for survival and a cash prize with the whole thing being televised for a home audience. It rips off elements of Battle Royale as the criminals are paired off and given a bag and co-ordinates to further supplies. As they begin to make their way across the island a nasty surprise awaits them in the form of badly made up sprinting zombies. This is a fun premise but the execution is very poor, the cast are terrible, the effects are very cheap, the make-up on the zombies is awful and the brief gory scenes are badly handled. The whole thing is very predictable, despite claims on the cover about it being in the tradition of 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead it pales in comparison.

Gore - the odd splash of terribly cheap blood

Zombies - running zombies with very cheap make-up on their faces

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