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Dog Soldiers

Released - 2002
Genre - Horror, Action
Director - Neil Marshall
Starring - Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, Emma Cleasby, Liam Cunningham, Darren Morfitt

A group of soldiers are on a routine military exercise in the remote wilds of the Scottish highlands when they come across the bloody remains of a Special Ops squad. This kicks off an action packed battle against a group of hungry werewolves intent on ripping out their guts. This is well scripted, fast and frenetic, with great acting and fantastic direction. The urgency of the situation is captured nicely, the setting is used to maximum effect and the brutality of the action should give you a jolt. Marshall is careful with his limited budget and has produced a film with some genuinely original moments. On first viewing I wasn't blown away by this but watching it again a couple of years later I found it really entertaining.

Gore - there is a lot of gore on show here including a comical scene where one of the soldiers guts is hanging out like a string of sausages and the dog tries to make off with them

Monster - the usual big muscular werewolves with sharp teeth and claws, they don´t get much screen time which is good because they don´t look great

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