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Released - 2009
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Jake West
Starring - Danny Dyer, Stephen Graham, Noel Clarke, Terry Stone, Neil Maskell, Adele Silva, Emily Booth

A cast of stereotypes from London embark on a lad's weekend to the middle of nowhere. The small village they choose happens to be the test site for the latest biological warfare chemical which transforms women into slavering zombies. There is very little messing about here, we get introduced to womanizer (Danny Dyer), screwed over divorcee (Stephen Graham) and hen-pecked moron (Noel Clarke) amongst others and after a short bus trip we are pitched straight into the gory action. There are gags aplenty and some pretty decent gore but if you wanted an engaging plot, character development or real scares this won't deliver them. It's exactly as advertised - a funny, stupid, anarchic romp with a not so subtle subtext about gender war. It may not be very cerebral but it is very entertaining.

Gore - there is a fair bit of gore and it's pretty well handled

Zombies - they start out like zombies although they can use weapons and end up like The Evil Dead style demons

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