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Zombie Horror Film Devil's Playground poster

Devil's Playground

Released - 2010
Genre - Horror, Action
Director - Mark McQueen
Starring - Craig Fairbrass, Danny Dyer, MyAnna Buring, Jaime Murray, Sean Pertwee, Lisa McAllister

A British horror film, set in London, with free running zombies and Danny Dyer....sign me up. Well this should have been a score but something has gone horribly wrong. It might be the fact that Craig Fairbrass is the unlikely hero (he really can't act) or that the script is ridiculous veering between hardcore-hammers-smashing-skulls action to emotional-turmoil-taking-itself-way-too-seriously drama. All accompanied by a heavy handed soundtrack clashing with everything and editing for people with a mental age of five. The basic premise is 28 Days Later and the fact it is also set in London invites an unwelcome comparison, in a fight 28 Days Later is the slavering super zombie and Devil's Playground is a screaming woman. I actually wanted to like this, I want more zombie films and if they're British, even better, but in the end liking it proved impossible and I set my sights on reaching the awful finale. It wasn't easy.

Gore - there are some touches of gore but nothing to make you sit up and really take notice

Zombies - these brain munchers are actually infected with some experimental drug that converts them into free running killers, most of them are very acrobatic

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