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Supernatural Horror Film Desperation poster


Released - 2006
Genre - Horror, Fantasy, Mystery
Director - Mick Garris
Starring - Ron Perlman, Tom Skerritt, Annabeth Gish, Charles Durning, Steven Weber, Matt Frewer, Kelly Overton

He keeps writing them and they keep making them into films. Desperation is yet another Stephen King adaptation. The film opens well with a mad cop played by Ron Perlman acting generally wacky and homicidal. It is sharp and creepy and I'm getting immersed and then it turns crappy. A clichéd group of characters, including a writer as usual, work together to defeat some kind of ancient evil character called Tak who possesses people and makes them do evil things. The entire last half of the film is unbearably dire with the odd moment ripped off from It and a really nauseating religious theme. This is a total waste of a good cast and crushingly disappointing after a promising opening. King wrote the screenplay and once again proves that he has no feel for film making.

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