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Cannibal Horror Film Delta Delta Die! poster

Delta Delta Die!

Released - 2003
Genre - Horror
Director - Devin Hamilton
Starring - Julie Strain, Brinke Stevens, Joe Dain, Steve Malis, Karen A. Smith, Tiffany Shepis

This is about a sorority house led by an evil mother character who orders her charges to abduct guys and then chop them up and make them into pies for the bake sale. This is not a horror film in the sense that there is nothing remotely scary going on, there is no tension, there is no skill whatsoever in the direction, the script is mindless, there are no special effects to speak of and only a small amount of fake blood. This film also has the worst acting ever; each one of these vacuous acting wannabes is completely incapable of delivering even a single line in a halfway convincing fashion. The only thing you do get with this film is nudity, lots of nudity, both guys and girls, if you're looking for nudity this is the one for you, although you'll get better acting in a porn movie.

Gore - small amount of fake blood and one or two cheap and rubbish effects

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