Eat Horror
Cannibal Horror Film Delicatessen poster


Released - 1991
Genre - Horror, Comedy, Drama
Directors - Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Starring - Dominique Pinon, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Marie-Laure Dougnac, Karin Viard, Anne-Marie Pisani

This is a darkly comic surreal nightmare set in a post-apocalyptic future where food is scarce. The local butcher and landlord of an apartment building somewhere in France is slaughtering his tenants one by one so the rest of them can eat meat. An ex-clown turns up looking for work and falls in love with the butcher's daughter and things spiral out of control from there with oddball characters aplenty. Delicatessen defies categorisation as it includes elements of drama, romance and fantasy with a healthy dose of horror and comedy. It is beautifully directed, has a unique visual design, clever use of music and it is incredibly inventive with horrifying and hilarious scenes by turns.

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