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Slasher Horror Film Dead Man´s Shoes poster

Dead Man's Shoes

Released - 2004
Genre - Horror, Crime, Thriller
Director - Shane Meadows
Starring - Paddy Considine, Gary Stretch, Toby Kebbell, Jo Hartley, Paul Sadot

This is a dark and disturbing revenge horror about a returning soldier who decides to get revenge on a group of thugs who brutalised his younger brother years before. Considine is brilliant in the lead role, donning a gas mask and despatching his prey with all the style and rage of a classic slasher film killer. It is a beautifully made film with touches of humour to alleviate the impending sense of doom and a healthy dose of gruesome carnage. The characters are believable, the acting is great and the direction is superb, although you could call it a slasher film it is far more emotionally affecting and clever than standard fare for the genre. One of the best British films in years.

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