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Zombie Horror Film Day of the Dead 2: Contagium poster

Day of the Dead 2: Contagium

Released - 2005
Genre - Horror, Drama
Directors - Ana Clavell, James Glenn Dudelson
Starring - Laurie Baranyay, Stan Klimecko, John Freedom Henry, Justin Ipock, Julian Thomas

This is a special variety of bad which deserves a category all of its own. A Russian spy is caught with vials of alien DNA which transform people into cheap looking zombies. The facility where it outbreaks is torched and we fast forward to the future. The action picks up at a mental institution where they find the lost vial and unleash the DNA via some laughable special effects. For some reason this time it imbues them with a group consciousness. This is meant to be a zombie film but you could easily forget because there are long periods of intensely boring bad acting and drama featuring the clichéd mental patient's lives. The CG is beyond cheap, the make up looks awful and the acting is enough to make you wish for death. Throw in a terrible plot and some ridiculous dialogue along with dull direction and you end up with this horrific insult to Romero. It will make you laugh but not deliberately.

Gore - really cheap and terrible make-up and gore and some comical CG effects

Zombies - these cheap looking zombies need to go to zombie school, the warden who turns zombie looks like he has meat cellotaped to his head and arm

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