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Zombie Horror Film Dawn of the Dead poster

Dawn of the Dead 2004

Released - 2004
Genre - Horror, Thriller, Drama
Director - Zack Snyder
Starring - Ving Rhames, Sarah Polley, Tom Savini

This remake of the 1978 Romero classic Dawn of the Dead is a very different movie which dispenses with social comment and slowly built tension in favour of fast-paced action and quick scares. Romero's slow paced zombies are replaced by fast and furious, feral zombies. An excellent opening scene leads to a group of survivors at the mall desperately fighting off the hordes. More action than horror this is still entertaining though it would have been better as a new film rather than a remake.

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Gore - all sorts of violent action with nasty gun wounds and zombie biting aplenty

Zombies - the zombies are faster and more frenzied than in the original but they still like to eat people

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