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Psychological Horror Film Danika poster


Released - 2006
Genre - Horror, Drama
Director - Ariel Vromen
Starring - Marisa Tomei, Craig Bierko, Kyle Gallner, Regina Hall, Ridge Canipe

This is a clever and unsettling film about a mother who is struggling to cope. On the surface she has a perfect suburban life, husband and three kids, she is typically over protective and has a chip on her shoulder about concentrating on raising her kids over her career but for the most part things appear good. However when Danika begins to have strange visions about frightening events her life begins to fall apart and she visits a psychiatrist who seems unable to help her. Without violence or gore the film builds a tense atmosphere and has some genuinely creepy scenes which send a shiver down your spine. The mystery gradually unravels via a series of twists until we reach the poignant conclusion. This is very well acted by Marisa Tomei, the plot is good, if a little convoluted and the direction from Vromen is extremely skilled.

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