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Monster Horror Film Cujo poster


Released - 1983
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Lewis Teague
Starring - Dee Wallace, Danny Pintauro, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Christopher Stone, Ed Lauter

This is another Stephen King adaptation from the eighties. Cujo is basically a big, friendly St. Bernard who gets bitten by a bat and infected with rabies. Any jarring sound drives him wild and he starts to attack and maul people. The film follows a couple having marital trouble and their son, Tad. Naturally they get mixed up with the dog. The extended drama surrounding the family is TV movie dull, but by contrast the dog-related action is tense and entertaining. It might have worked a bit better if they used a scarier looking breed of dog, even with a gunked up face, Cujo still looks pretty friendly (his wagging tail doesn't help). This is also hopelessly dated and pretty low budget, but it's far from the worst film based on a King book.

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