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Released - 2008
Genre - Horror, Action, Sci-Fi
Director - Matt Reeves
Starring - Lizzy Caplan, Jessica Lucas, Mike Vogel, Michael Stahl-David

This is like a retelling of Godzilla as New York comes under attack from some kind of monster and we follow the action through the handheld footage shot by someone trapped in the middle of the chaos and recovered by the US military. After a slow start the film hits action over drive as a group of survivors desperately try to avoid getting killed by the mysterious monster trashing the city. The effects are excellent, and the style of footage works extremely well, drawing you into the action as though you are the main character. The huge monster happily destroys the city in spectacular fashion while the army battle it but our survivors also have to contend with some creepy smaller monsters roaming the streets. This is a really well made film and a great fresh take on the monster movie genre.

Monster - big Godzilla type thing and a bunch of smaller versions

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