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Supernatural Horror Film Circle of Eight poster

Circle of Eight

Released - 2009
Genre - Horror, Mystery
Director - Stephen Cragg
Starring - Austin Highsmith, Ryan Doom, John Bishop, Katie Lowes, Jesse Johnson, DJ Qualls

Jessica moves into a new apartment building called the Dante. Her new neighbours are overly friendly and take it in turns to burst in on her. Shortly after meeting them all she starts to see weird things, flashes of the future possibly, murdered bodies that aren't there by the time she screams for someone to take a look. Things get more confusing and nonsensical as the film wears on. You know those clever Twilight Zone type stories where you realise what is actually happening with a growing sense of dread? Well Circle of Eight is nothing like that. It wants to be, but in actual fact you realise what's supposed to be happening with a growing sense of boredom. The acting sucks, the script is daft and ultimately it doesn't hang together as a coherent story.

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