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Supernatural Horror Film Chronicles of an Exorcism poster

Chronicles of an Exorcism

Released - 2008
Genre - Horror
Director - Nick G. Miller
Starring - Matthew Ashford, Nick G. Miller, Ray W. Keziah, Dara Wedel

Chronicles of an Exorcism is a very low budget horror flick presented as real documentary footage. Two amateur film makers are hired by the Church to shoot an exorcism in a remote house over a period of three days. They join a local pastor and two priests as they attempt to exorcise the evil spirits afflicting a young woman but inevitably the ritual does not go as planned. Any film with this subject matter inevitably invites comparison with The Exorcist and there's no doubt this pales by comparison but considering their budget this is a reasonable stab at a horror film and there are some nice ideas at play.

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