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Slasher Horror Film Chain Letter poster

Chain Letter

Released - 2010
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Deon Taylor
Starring - Brad Dourif, Nikki Reed, Keith David, Cody Kasch, Cherilyn Wilson, Michael J. Pagan, Michael Bailey Smith

The most conspicuous muscle-bound, chain-obsessed psycho killer imaginable sends a stupid chain email to a bunch of kids. It warns that if they don't send it on to five people then they will be killed. Naturally some of them delete it and they are promptly mashed up in gruesome fashion. The writing and direction are a joke. For some reason they tag on some idea about a Luddite cult, although how it relates to a psycho killer sending emails is never adequately explained. The "detective" investigating the murders waits until the funeral to interview the parents and friends of the victim and the friends inexplicably fail to mention the chain letter threat until at least three of them have been brutally killed. This is a thin knock-off of standard slasher flicks handled with astounding ineptitude. It's not even so bad it's entertaining, it's just annoying.

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