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Cannibal Horror Film Cannibal Detour: Hell's Highway poster

Cannibal Detour: Hell's Highway

Released - 2003
Genre - Horror, Action, Thriller
Director - Steve Taylor
Starring - Ashley Reed, Aaron Buer, Brent Taylor, Danna Brady, Kelsey Wedeen, Jessica Osfar

A group of obnoxious teens on their way home from a rave in the desert decide to hunt for a peyote field. Ignoring the crazed warnings of the gas station hick they head off down a dirt track and their RV gets stuck. Cue a The Hills Have Eyes style bloodbath as a bunch of cannibal hillbillies pick them off, chop them up and eat them. This is a predictable paint by numbers horror but the cast, backdrops and gore all look pretty good. One glance at the cover tells you exactly what you are going to get and the film duly delivers without ever taking a detour from the usual horror conventions.

Gore - plenty of gory endings for these revolting teens

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