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Released - 2005
Genre - Horror, Drama
Director - Marian Dora
Starring - Carsten Frank, Victor Brandl

Based on the case of the Rohtenburg cannibal this is a nasty low budget affair. Extremely slow and brooding with virtually no dialogue we follow the would-be cannibal as he tries to find someone who wants to be eaten. When he finally does they get down to some explicit gay sex but when he fails to bite off the penis of his prospective meal it looks like the deal is off, however they eventually decide to try again. The final half hour or so of the film is graphic and deeply disturbing gore. In a series of gritty and realistic looking sequences starting with the penis the cannibal cuts bits off his partner and then eats them. The sound and visual style definitely create a creepy and foreboding atmosphere but this is interminably slow and boring and then squirm inducing and unpleasant. There is no attempt to find motivation or explanation this is just a graphic account of what happened that infamous night and most people will find it unwatchable.

Gore - a slow start gives way to some extremely realistic looking and disgusting gore sequences

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