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Slasher Horror Film Candyman: Day of the Dead poster

Candyman: Day of the Dead

Released - 1999
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Turi Meyer
Starring - Tony Todd, Donna D'Errico, Alexia Robinson, Jsu Garcia, Mark Adair-Rios

Only a handful of horror characters are strong enough to spawn a series and this effort proves Candyman certainly isn't one of them. After they created an awful back story explanation for him in the second movie they decided to build on it in this one with an art exhibition of his work. Stupendously chronic casting sees Donna D'Errico cast as his descendant and she gives what could honestly be a strong contender for the worst performance ever. This is straight to DVD with cheap and nasty gore and effects and an annoyingly stupid storyline. You have to feel sorry for Tony Todd.

Gore - cheap blood and more hook action from the Candyman

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