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Slasher Horror Film Camp Blood 2 poster

Camp Blood 2

Released - 2000
Genre - Horror
Director - Brad Sykes
Starring - Jennifer Ritchkoff, Garett Clancy, Missy Rae Hansen, Mark Overholt, Timothy Patrick

Just one year after the original Camp Blood came Camp Blood 2. It manages to plumb new depths as a brainless, poor quality, derivative slasher flick. Tricia, the irritating and miserable survivor from the first movie is taken out of her psychiatric hospital by a sleazy small time director. How this happens, given that she is the prime suspect in the original murders is never adequately explained. The director wants her to help him make a horror movie based on what happened to her and her friends. I'm sure you can guess what's coming, yep, that's right, the clown pops up again and kills everyone. The acting and plot are worse than the original but the death scenes are slightly better. Camp Blood 2 is cheap, dull and boring to sit through.

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