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Serial Killer Film Burke and Hare poster

Burke and Hare

Released - 2010
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - John Landis
Starring - Simon Pegg, Andy Serkis, Tom Wilkinson, Bill Bailey, Michael Smiley, Tim Curry, Isla Fisher

The tale of Edinburgh's infamous body snatchers has been told many times before but there's never been a great film version. You might have imagined with Landis at the helm and a fantastic cast this might be the one but you'd be wrong. The macabre story of Burke and Hare seems like a perfect backdrop for some horror but this is pure comedy. If you don't know the story, Burke and Hare sold bodies to Doctor Knox so he could dissect them for medical research, when they ran out of newly dead bodies to sell they started to murder people for the purpose. There are loads of great comedians and actors in this film but the script is dull, the humor is cheesy and it doesn't deliver any real laughs. In short it is a complete waste of talent, it's boring and the accents are grating. The last thing the Burke and Hare story needs is to have a predictable and dull clichéd romance thrown into the mix. They seem to be trying to capture that whimsical, farcical feel of classic Ealing comedies but it never even comes close. This one can stay buried.

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