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Zombie Horror Film Braindead poster


Released - 1992
Genre - Horror, Comedy, Fantasy
Director - Peter Jackson
Starring - Timothy Balme, Diana Penalver, Elizabeth Moody, Ian Watkin, Brenda Kendell

A young guy called Lionel with a hideously awful over bearing mother meets the love of his life Paquita. While the two are romancing at the zoo his mother is spying on them and gets bitten by an ugly rat monkey. She dies and becomes a zombie with an extraordinary appetite and the hapless Lionel tries in vain to keep her flesh eating a secret. This is darkly comic and incredibly gory and gross; there are several scenes that will turn your stomach and the blood splatter is way beyond most horrors. Great direction from Peter Jackson who is able to create an epic deranged nightmare on a relatively low budget. The acting isn't great but the script is fun and this is extremely comical and astoundingly demented. A true cult classic.

Gore - gore on an epic scale, some seriously nauseating scenes and an epic lawnmower bloodbath make this one of the goriest movies ever made

Zombies - rotting zombies that'll eat anything and don't really adhere to usual zombie rules, the zombies in Braindead can have sex and procreate leading to the birth of a grotesque zombie baby

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