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Released - 2005
Genre - Horror
Director - Anthony C. Ferrante
Starring - Trish Coren, Rachel Harland, Jilon Ghai, Happy Mahaney, Nicole Rayburn, Josh Holt

This is an odd low budget horror about a group of teens who go to an abandoned haunted hospital at Halloween. Naturally the female lead, Jessie, starts to have visions about what happened there. An evil ghost keeps possessing corpses and trying to escape the building but for some reason when he takes over a body it melts or explodes. The director uses an array of typical horror scenes and he has a figure in the background of shots so often that it loses all impact. His attempts to scare are highly unoriginal. The editing is all over the place especially towards the end and the film makers fail to build any tension. The acting is high end amateur but still very weak in places. This is better than your average low budget horror but not worth paying to see.

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