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Bloody Pit of Horror

Released - 1965
Genre - Horror
Director - Massimo Pupillo
Starring - Mickey Hargitay, Walter Brandi, Luisa Baratto, Rita Klein

This is bizarre stuff; we open with the Crimson Executioner being punished for his terrible crimes by being sealed inside his castle. Fast forward a couple of centuries and a photographer and his models turn up to shoot covers for horror novels. Unknown to them the castle is not deserted, there's a mad guy inside and when the group release the spirit of the Crimson Executioner everyone starts to die. Sadly he looks like a Mexican wrestler and attacks the girls torturing them with medieval devices. The script is awful and the acting reaches incredible heights of cheesiness which are't helped by the dubbing (this was originally Italian). This is one of those films that is car crash bad and provokes rapt attention from the viewer. Some of the tortures are pretty nasty but this is far more likely to make you laugh than scream.

This film is in the public domain and you can download it for free from the - Internet Archive

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