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Monster Horror Film Blood Gnome poster

Blood Gnome

Released - 2004
Genre - Horror
Director - John Lechago
Starring - Vinnie Bilancio, Melissa Pursley, Ri Walton, Julie Strain, Elizabeth Hayden Smith

You may be tempted to watch this, as I was, by the classic b-movie name. Make no mistake this is a budget, soft porn flick with splashes of gore and a nonsensical story line about a group of little monsters who like to eat people in the BDSM scene. It wasn't quite what I expected but it was every bit as bad in a different way. Central character, Daniel, is a crime scene photographer with a muddy past and he gets mixed up in some murders perpetrated by a group of semi-supernatural blood gnomes who are kept in a box by a mysterious mistress character. The writing, direction and acting are all woeful but it did feature plenty of nudity.

Gore - strange mixture of impressive gore effects and really cheap rubbish ones

Monster - these rubber puppets look like Critters or Gremlins

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