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Slasher Horror Film Blood and Sex Nightmare poster

Blood and Sex Nightmare

Released - 2008
Genre - Horror
Director - Joseph R. Kolbeck
Starring - Andy McGuiness, Tina Krause, Tom Thatcher

Well this is certainly one of the most honestly titled films I've seen, there is blood, there is sex and it's a nightmare to sit through. Nick somehow persuades his uptight girlfriend Amy to go to a sex retreat for the weekend but it turns out to be home to a psycho killer and he's doing the rounds slaughtering everyone with axes, knives and even a chainsaw. It's very low budget, the direction and acting are terrible, the gore is cheap and extremely gross and it's full of perverted sexual deviants. The film doesn't quite reach the hour mark and that's definitely long enough. If you're into gore and nudity you might get some fun out of this, they focus on genital mutilation a little too much for my liking but they've squeezed quite a lot out of a $3000 budget. I've seen worse indie slasher flicks but in a genre so littered with crap that's not saying much.

Gore - cheap and nasty gross out gore which includes genital mutilation and a guy ejaculating blood

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