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Vampire Horror Film Blood & Donuts poster

Blood & Donuts

Released - 1995
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Holly Dale
Starring - Gordon Currie, Justin Louis, Helene Clarkson, Fiona Reid, David Cronenberg

This is a pretty obscure vampire flick about a reluctant neck biter called Boya. He wakes from a twenty-odd year slumber and tries to subsist on rats. He soon falls in love with a waitress at the local 24 hour donut shop and he befriends a daft taxi driver who drags him into a violent altercation with some local hoods. This low budget flick is every bit as offbeat and unusual as it sounds and to provide further curiosity the thugs are under the employ of a creepy boss played by David Cronenberg. The performances here are all good and the story is gentle and warmly captivating. It does have a bittersweet tinge as it ambles towards its conclusion but falls more into the comedy genre than horror.

Gore - a couple of skirmishes with the hoods but very little gore

Vampires - can turn on fangs and demon face at will but he is a friendly vampire and the usual vampire rules have been tweaked

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