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Serial Killer Film Blackout poster


Released - 2008
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Rigoberto Castaneda
Starring - Amber Tamblyn, Aidan Gillen, Armie Hammer

Three people get stuck in an elevator together in a deserted apartment building. As the hours tick by the tension rises and we get a back story on each one in flashback form. The kicker is - one of them is a serial killer. Things could be worse - they could be trapped in a lift with the Devil. It's more of a thriller than a horror really and not a very good one. The main problem, as usual, is the stupid decisions the characters make. It all inevitably feels a bit contrived and it starts out slow and fairly tense then it turns into a standard thriller finale. The premise has potential, the acting and direction aren't terrible, but the characters aren't very appealing or interesting, it's predictable and it lacks an effective hook.

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