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Slasher Horror Film Bikini Bloodbath Car Wash poster

Bikini Bloodbath Car Wash

Released - 2008
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Directors - Jonathan Gorman, Thomas Edward Seymour
Starring - Debbie Rochon, Robert Cosgrove Jr, Thomas Edward Seymour, Dick Boland, Sarah Dauber

As is so often the case this sequel is considerably worse than the original film. It features the same amateurish acting, cheap gore and bikini clad women but the gags are less witty. This time around the female coach from the original Bikini Bloodbath is running a carwash where scantily clad college girls scrub down cars. They hold a séance one night and unwittingly awake Chef Death, the killer from the original, who immediately sets about offing the cast. The acting is terrible, the gore is ultra cheap with some awful CG thrown in and the humour mostly misses the mark. There are loads of overly long sequences with blaring rock as the various characters dance around in comedy style but it isn't entertaining. There were a couple of gags that raised a chuckle and the idea of sending up the slasher formula is a good one. There are also some nice references to other movies and Debbie Rochon is easily the pick of a bad bunch when it comes to the cast. It is deliberately campy and corny and intended to be brainless fun but while it certainly manages to be brainless the fun part was sadly lacking.

Gore - very cheap attempts at gore and a wee bit of terrible CG

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