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Big Bad Wolf

Released - 2006
Genre - Horror
Director - Lance W. Dreesen
Starring - Trevor Duke, Kimberly J. Brown, Richard Tyson, Sarah Aldrich, Christopher Shyer

When a group of teens visit a remote cabin in the woods they run into a horny wisecracking werewolf who sets about chewing them up. Derek and his friend Sam escape but they soon begin to suspect his nasty stepfather is the werewolf and set out to try and prove it. This is quite fun as werewolf movies go, there are a few gory deaths and a smattering of sex and most of the cast are quite good. Unfortunately Trevor Duke is less than impressive in the lead role and his character is frustratingly thick and wimpy but Richard Tyson does a good job as the slimy stepfather and I liked Kimberly J. Brown as the cynical Sam. It's entertaining stuff which never takes itself too seriously and some of the touches of comedy work really nicely on the other hand it fails to build any tension and it never threatens to be scary.

Gore - there are several gory deaths here as the werewolf runs wild and rips off limbs and heads with ease

Monster - the werewolf is a standard guy in hairy make-up job

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