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Supernatural Horror Film Beyond Dreams Door poster

Beyond Dreams Door

Released - 1989
Genre - Horror, Drama
Director - Jay Woelfel
Starring - Nick Baldasare, Susan Pinsky, Lucas Simpson, Norm Singer

Ben is having nightmares about a monster pursuing him and elements of these nasty dreams begin to permeate his waking life. As he turns to his professor and a couple of teaching assistants for help things become more muddled and his nightmare world starts to intrude on them as well. This is initially quite creepy albeit very cheesily written and with terribly cheap special effects. The aim is very ambitious and there are elements of the nightmare which work quite well, like the creepy kid, but then there other elements which don't work at all like the rubber monster. While the idea of a nightmare spilling into reality not just for the dreamer but for anyone else they tell is quite an interesting premise the film maker lacks the funds and talent to make much out of it. As it wears on the film becomes quite tedious and the low production values and ropy acting prevent it from inducing any fear in the audience.

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