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Monster Horror Film Bats: Human Harvest poster

Bats: Human Harvest

Released - 2007
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Jamie Dixon
Starring - Michael Jace, David Chokachi, Pollyanna McIntosh, Marty Papazian, Melissa De Sousa

Consciousness challenging pile of drivel about genetically engineered bats in a Chechen forest and the Delta force yanks sent in to investigate. This badly lacks the budget it needs for the confusing and pointless, full of holes plot. Someone obviously told them it was possible to just CG everything including the helicopters and of course the giant bats. None of it is even remotely convincing and the acting lives up to the same standard. The lead idiot gung-ho guy is seriously irritating, they establish his bad boy credentials early on when he jumps into an Afghan bunker with just a knife, in the end he has to be saved by a comrade but his commander still raves on about how he is the best if only he would follow the rules dammit! If you feel like poking fun at a truly inept production then give it a go, otherwise avoid.

Monster - big CG bats that look rubbish

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