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American Gothic

Released - 1987
Genre - Horror
Director - John Hough
Starring - Rod Steiger, Yvonne De Carlo, Michael J. Pollard, Fiona Hutchison, Sarah Torgov

A group of friends sporting amazingly hideous eighties fashions are forced to land at a remote island. They can't get their seaplane restarted so they hunt for people. They find a spooky house and in typical idiot horror victim style they go inside and start rummaging. Ma and Pa return to find them dancing around and at first they seem quite hospitable. They have a brood of "kids" actually all in their forties or fifties and before long this inbred family of weirdos are murdering their guests. If you need any more reasons to avoid isolated houses and strange hillbilly families then American Gothic will provide them. The action keeps veering away from creepy and into ridiculous and some of the hammy acting performances are cringe worthy.

Gore - there isn't much in the way of gore

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