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Supernatural Horror Film All That Money Can Buy poster

All That Money Can Buy

Released - 1941
Genre - Horror, Drama
Director - William Dieterle
Starring - Walter Huston, Edward Arnold, Lindy Wade, Jane Darwell, Anne Shirley, Simone Simon

This old classic is also known as The Devil and Daniel Webster. It is a brilliantly creepy film about a down on his luck farmer who strikes a bargain with the devil to make himself rich. The problem is he signs away his soul for seven years good luck. As he grows more powerful he gradually becomes mean. The devil returns to claim his due and the farmer turns to upstanding politician and defender of the farmers, Daniel Webster, for help. A final showdown takes place as a bizarre trial with a jury the likes of which you've never seen before. Huston is superb as Mr. Scratch and this film is an intelligent piece of work which is charming, funny, dramatic and downright chilling at times.

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