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Serial Killer Film Albert Fish poster

Albert Fish

Released - 2007
Genre - Horror, Documentary
Director - John Borowski
Starring - Oto Brezina, Harvey Fisher, Derek Gaspar

This is a documentary about notorious serial killer Albert Fish who operated across the US in the early 20th century. He was a perverted sadomasochist who graduated to kidnap, torture, sexual abuse and murder. He was eventually brought to justice and executed in the electric chair after writing a chilling confession letter to the mother of one of his victims and it is frightening to think how long he was able to operate for and that he may have gotten away with it altogether had he not written the letter in the days when police were less adept at catching their man. The documentary focuses on exerts from his psychological casebook and features interviews with a few authorities on the subject. It is all done in a pretty exploitative and lurid style with cheap narration and stock footage and the various staged re-enactments are badly handled. The imagery is seriously tasteless, there is little genuine exploration of his motives and I wouldn't recommend this unless you are obsessed with serial killers.

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